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Interviews with Edward Madera

• An Interview with Edward Madera, Star of Beware by Mike Haberfelner

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• Interview with Edward Madera by Rick Gleaves, Digital Macabre

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Edward Madera - Demo Reel

Premier of the movie BEWARE

Interview with Edward Madera at the launch of the movie BEWARE

Beware - Trailer

Starting in the world of film, then see the trailer for the film "Beware" which he was involved in giving life to main character, Shane (The Murderer in the film) and also the character of Gabriel.


Claus Reinhold Review:

"I really think Shane is the new face of horror! With his hulking presence, slow walk, brute exterior and black leather mask, he makes for a horrifying adversary and a brutal, merciless executioner. He's exactly the kind of killer I was hoping for, and Edward Madera who plays Shane really does a fantastic job, in using his physicality to instill this masked killer with a powerful and dangerous presence."

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